WUTV Exec 2014-2015 (Not pictured: Nicholas Rule)

WUTV Exec 2014-2015 (Not pictured: Nicholas Rule)

Dear WUTV friends and family,

We are proud to have completed our semester of programming at a level and quality of activity that far exceeded that of recent years past. WUTV was struggling to rebuild and reimagine itself for a while, but the Executive Board and general members alike feel that as a group we’ve reached a point where instead of struggling to keep ourselves afloat, we are ready to look forward into the future. The energy our younger Execs and staff members bring to the group is essential to how we function as a team, and so I’m happy to announce the election of three new freshman executives: Jared, Katie, and Nick.  I know that one day WUTV will be safe in their hands!

We will not be holding office hours or conducting rentals until January 12. For now, we’d like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season and a successful exams period!

Emma Kane
General Manager, WUTV

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