Welcome to the Jungle – Pilot

Ever wondered what living in a jungle is like? George has lived in Africa all his life and he’s wondered that too- so he came to America to find out. Join him on his whirlwind adventure as he discovers the Kenyan jungle (Kenya is a country in Africa. Who knew?) in America.  

WashU News – Student Union Special

Featuring interviews with the 2016 Student Body Presidential Candidates: Mike Holtz, Demetrios Kavadas, and Kenneth Sng. Don’t forget to vote!    

In the Spotlight: Elephant’s Graveyard

Set Designer and Professor Robert Mark Morgan gave us the inside scoop on his set design for Elephant’s Graveyard.  

The Real Suitemates of the South 40: The Dog House

The Suitemates are back in an all new adventure! The Suite gets thrown into turmoil when Claire gets into Brittani’s sorority. Meanwhile, Morgan drags Shadow along to collect a Craigslist package, much to Shadow’s chagrin.  

WashU Blood Drive 2016

Donate to WashU’s Blood Drive on February 2, 2016!

In the Spotlight: Choir at WUSTL

Dr. Nicole Aldrich gives us a glimpse into the music department’s choirs at Washington University in St. Louis.

The Real Suitemates of the South 40: The Baked Sale

  On our most dramatic episode of the Real Suitemates yet, tensions run high as Claire enlists the help of the suite to prepare for a bake sale. But, Shadow has her own plans for how to dispense some much needed love and friendship. Meanwhile, Brittani struggles to find love and Morgan struggles to put… Read more »

WashU News Dining Services Appreciation

Give thanks to WashU’s dining service members Thanks to WUSTL Dining Services and Bon Appetit for collaborating on the WashU News Dining Services Appreciation Special.

In the Spotlight: The Misanthrope

Emma Quirk-Durben goes behind-the-scenes of the Performing Arts Department show.  

Adventure Series: WashU Football Practice (Ep 8)

Seamus Finnegan takes us behind the scenes of a Washington University football practice.  

  • WUTV Cribz is back with a vengeance

    Ever wondered how Mark S. Wrighton, alleged inventor of glow sticks and definite Chancellor of Wash U lives? Check out his residence at Harbison House in this very special episode of WUTV Cribz! WUTV would like to extend our sincere thanks to Chancellor Wrighton and his wife Risa Zwerling for inviting us into their home to… Read more »

  • SU Speaker Series – WUPR Presents: Ta-Nehisi Coates (Video now posted)

    Click Here to view the stream live (you will need to create an account, or sign in with facebook). Ta-Nehisi Coates is a powerful voice in the public discussion surrounding race relations. His article in The Atlantic, “The Case for Reparations,” caught the public attention in a unique way, smashing The Atlantic’s previous sales record… Read more »

  • Wash U News brings you the scoop

    In Episode 3 of Wash U News, your anchors give you tips of Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and more. Watch until the end for the cool segment we like to call “Gabs on the Street”!

  • New this week!

    Check out these two new videos we put out this week. We are so happy to share them with you!

  • New this week! In the Spotlight: Synapse

    Shoutout to our Executive Producer Vince for putting in the man hours and learning how to edit like a boss on this awesome video! WUTV presents another installment for the series “In the Spotlight” and this time we look at Synapse, a club that specializes in neuroscience education and community outreach.

  • New Episode of Getting Ready with Teddy

    The first episode of the new year has streamed live and is now available on YouTube!

  • Welcome back!

    Welcome back, Wash U! WUTV is excited to be back in town and we can’t wait to get started with a semester of awesome programming. We hope to inspire a greater viewership as well as engaging a broader section of the Wash U community with some new activities we have planned. Check back frequently for… Read more »

  • WUTV Closed for Winter Break

    Dear WUTV friends and family, We are proud to have completed our semester of programming at a level and quality of activity that far exceeded that of recent years past. WUTV was struggling to rebuild and reimagine itself for a while, but the Executive Board and general members alike feel that as a group we’ve reached… Read more »

  • Get excited for a St. Louis Thanksgiving with Wash U News!

    Wash U News is back with a Thanksgiving update just in time for our break. With an insightful sports segment, a look into airport dining, an interview with Risa Zwerling (Wash U’s First Lady), and more, we’ve got the scoop for your Turkey Day and beyond. Corrections: Nick Foles is the quarterback for the Philadelphia… Read more »

  • WUTV’s First Simulcast!

    The first episode in WUTV and KWUR’s first live stream episode of Getting Ready with Teddy!  Check back Wednesdays at 7pm central time for new episodes.  Show starts around 8:50 in the video.