Welcome to the Jungle – Pilot

Ever wondered what living in a jungle is like? George has lived in Africa all his life and he’s wondered that too- so he came to America to find out. Join him on his whirlwind adventure as he discovers the Kenyan jungle (Kenya is a country in Africa. Who knew?) in America.  

WashU News – Student Union Special

Featuring interviews with the 2016 Student Body Presidential Candidates: Mike Holtz, Demetrios Kavadas, and Kenneth Sng. Don’t forget to vote!    

In the Spotlight: Elephant’s Graveyard

Set Designer and Professor Robert Mark Morgan gave us the inside scoop on his set design for Elephant’s Graveyard.  

The Real Suitemates of the South 40: The Dog House

The Suitemates are back in an all new adventure! The Suite gets thrown into turmoil when Claire gets into Brittani’s sorority. Meanwhile, Morgan drags Shadow along to collect a Craigslist package, much to Shadow’s chagrin.  

WashU Blood Drive 2016

Donate to WashU’s Blood Drive on February 2, 2016!

In the Spotlight: Choir at WUSTL

Dr. Nicole Aldrich gives us a glimpse into the music department’s choirs at Washington University in St. Louis.

The Real Suitemates of the South 40: The Baked Sale

  On our most dramatic episode of the Real Suitemates yet, tensions run high as Claire enlists the help of the suite to prepare for a bake sale. But, Shadow has her own plans for how to dispense some much needed love and friendship. Meanwhile, Brittani struggles to find love and Morgan struggles to put… Read more »

WashU News Dining Services Appreciation

Give thanks to WashU’s dining service members Thanks to WUSTL Dining Services and Bon Appetit for collaborating on the WashU News Dining Services Appreciation Special.

In the Spotlight: The Misanthrope

Emma Quirk-Durben goes behind-the-scenes of the Performing Arts Department show.  

Adventure Series: WashU Football Practice (Ep 8)

Seamus Finnegan takes us behind the scenes of a Washington University football practice.  

  • Self-Aware Film Festival

    Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Self-Aware Film Festival in Fall 2015!

  • Real Suitemates of the South 40 Pilot

      Welcome to the South 40, the center of WashU’s colorful and active undergraduate life on campus. On these grounds, dreams are made, crushed, and often forgotten about all together. In an all new series, WUTV takes an inside look at what life is like for the 40’s most exciting residents. Hilarity, drama, and b-roll… Read more »

  • “Journey of Love” premieres

    What happens when you lure in two winners from The Dating Game, take their cellphones and wallets, and leave them by an abandoned sewage outlet? Watch the premiere of “Journey of Love,” the sequel to The Dating Game, to find out.

  • Global Day of Action video

    WUTV teamed up with GlobeMed at Washington University to create a message for Global Day of Action.

  • Introducing the Self-Aware Film Festival!

    WUTV is extremely excited to host the Self-Aware Film Festival! We will kick off the event on Thursday, October 22 in the WUTV studio. The festival will accept all short films within certain guidelines (to be explained at the kick-off), as long as they have at least one self-aware moment. Your character could look at… Read more »

  • Season 3 Trailer of WashU News is out!

    [embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvOzC2fw8IM[/embedyt]   The season 3 trailer of WashU’s premiere news program is out! Check out the teaser for a peek into what will be a great season of WashU News.

  • Pre-Orientation films 2015

      The WUTV Pre-O Participants split into two teams to create: Silver Linings A drama about a boy struggling to return to normal life after taking a year off from school while battling cancer. A Meal to Forget A “Lifetime Film” style drama about a killer who falls for his victim.

  • Firstyear Funk

  • New Comedy Short Film!

    WUTV’s latest comedy short film written and directed by Jacob Nason, loosely based on visits to student health services. Starring Grigg Schneider and Aparna Sundaram

  • Happy Spring Break!

    Happy spring break from your friends at WUTV. We’ll be closed until Monday, March 16!