WUTV is extremely excited to host the Self-Aware Film Festival! We will kick off the event on Thursday, October 22 in the WUTV studio. The festival will accept all short films within certain guidelines (to be explained at the kick-off), as long as they have at least one self-aware moment. Your character could look at the camera. You could satirize typical film structure. You could have a character mention the film itself. We don’t care, as long as you break the fourth wall somehow!

1st place: $100; 2nd place: $50; 3rd place: $25

The kick-off event will be on Thursday, Oct. 22 (6:00-7:00) in the WUTV studio on the 3rd floor of DUC, in the Harvey Media Center. We will have food and drinks! Feel free to come to find a team or members for a team. Attendance is not mandatory in order to submit to the festival.

Be there and be self-aware!

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