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WUTV is Washington University’s student-run A/V production group. We support education and advancement for students seeking hands on experience in broadcast television and related industries, as well as for students who simply have an interest in film or television. In doing so, WUTV provides a venue for the student body of Washington University to explore their interests through original student programming and coverage of campus events viewable for free on Vimeo and Youtube.

We also offer open sessions of hands-on technical training in all aspects of video production. Join us with no experience and leave us a capable camera operator, editor, or producer.

We strive to promote creation and expression across the Washington University community. We, passionate creators, use audiovisual media with the intent to change, entertain, or thrill our viewers.


Can WUTV film our event?

We do often film events that we’d like to show on WUTV, or we can for a small production fee, so please feel free to contact us. Learn more here.

Can I use WUTV equipment for personal purposes?

We no longer rent out our equipment to non-WUTV members unless they are working on a co-production with us. For more details about equipment, contact our Technical Manager.

Is it hard to get involved with an existing show?

Getting involved with an existing show couldn’t be easier. Feel free to drop by one of our weekly meetings (Saturday at noon, DUC 350) and let us know that you’d like to get involved. You can also feel free to drop us a message so we can chat with you in advance (and to make sure we’re having a meeting this week).

Can I get my own show?

Sure! If you’ve got an idea, feel free to drop by a meeting and chat with us about it. We suggest that you have some experience with video production before starting your own show, but we’re always willing to give you some tips if you don’t.

Can I advertise on WUTV?

WUTV currently doesn’t advertise commercially, but if you’re a student group or nonprofit with a message you’d like to get out to Washington University students, feel free to send us an email.

I have a movie that I made on my own. Can I show it on WUTV?

We’re always interested in independent student programming! Please send us an email to talk about it.

Why should I get involved with WUTV?

WUTV offers an invaluable opportunity for students interested in careers in broadcasting and video-production (or just looking to have a good time playing with cameras) to get hands on experience. Recent WUTV alumni have gone on to work on such shows as Good Morning AmericaFear Factor and Invasion.

How many people are involved in WUTV?

We currently have 12 Executive Board officers, and our weekly meetings vary in size, sometimes just the execs and a few showrunners, sometimes upwards of 50. Between all of our current shows, there are tons of students affiliated with WUTV in some capacity!